Stella Marais


I must admit, in the last couple of days, I have really been feeling well. And I have to mention that I work very hard and long hours, and I am coping. An interesting fact: my arthritis is feeling much better as well; please let me know if that has anything to do with your product (Omega Caro-E), as I am not doing anything else differently.

I have, for MANY years, been taking Omega 3 and 6 gel capsules, but always buy the best deal: the in-house brand, or a huge bottle… My hands were still so inflamed from arthritis sometimes that any small task became laborious.

My amazing benefits come from Omega Caro-E, as that is the only change I made a month ago. My lifestyle takes it out of me, I need an energy drink first thing in the morning and by 14h00, I find I am flat again and in need of a boost. You know what? I have been forgetting to take the booster! PLUS: I feel SO much more mentally alert – and I am getting loads done!  

I will definitely be carrying on with your product.