Rehana Seedat


 My diet has always been poor in fatty fish, fruit and vegetables, which is where Omega Caro-E comes in. This product definitely helped boost my stressed body and gives my immune system that extra boost it needs to make a distinct and noticeable health difference. I feel more energetic and less tired and lethargic.

Instead of buying several different types of healthy nutritious fresh food and working these into my diet, I use the Omega Caro-E as it contains the right combination of fish oils, as well carotenes and vitamin E.

I also suffer from joint and muscle pain and after using Omega Caro-E, I have noticed a reduction in pain and inflammation. This product is helping me to maintain good vision/eyesight and keeps my skin clear, radiant and healthy. I experienced no side effects while taking the supplement. I am a woman in my 40’s and issues of stroke, cancer, etc. concern me. I am happy to be using a product that lowers the risk of cancer, stroke and skin disorders and one that helps in the maintenance of good health. A product I will highly recommend.