I often chuckle to myself because as a dietician I am very quick to encourage friends family and patients to take omega-3 supplements, yet I cannot remember to take then myself – which clearly shows that I need omega-3.

I have been very good and have remembered to take it daily by keeping the bottle where I can see it.

I have really felt a difference in my concentration and energy levels.

I have a very busy workday, starting as early as 5am and work in the evenings. I also have two small children who constantly need attention and what I have noticed is this incredible ability to juggle more things than I have been able to in the past.

I also have complete clarity of mind and don’t feel forgetful or “all over the place”. I tend to be one of those people who don’t really stop, but then feel frazzled a lot of the time. After doing this challenge I have felt on top of my game and certain of ‎the decisions I am making and the plan for the day.

Thanks for the opportunity; it really has made me realise the importance of omegas for my patients and for myself, as it does make a huge difference.